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New working Piclopedia website up for comment and work

Hi, Everyone!

Robert Owen has been working hard to create the skeleton of the eventual Piclopedia website that will actually contain all the designs/drawings/explanations that people can search and download.

What's happening now is we've created a bare-bones iconic search tree for technologies, based on a subject tree we've written up. It needs LOADS of adding to, so please suggest technology topics that you think should be included, and where they ought to be linked. For instance, clotheswashers might be linked both to 'domestic tools' and to 'water', so that a searcher can find them whichever way they start out.

We also need to start providing some exemplary content so others can see what Piclopedia content should look like. For instance, if someone were to take a design for said washing machine and turn it into universal language plans, then the plans would be loaded in the proper place on the search tree, and a link provided under that to the original plans and written instructions from which the final plans were translated.

It is very worth noting that when we get some initial content up we can then go to organizations with the ability to help and solicit their assistance, and have a chance to get it, because the content possibilities will be visible.

The new site is located at https://sites.google.com/site/piclopedia/. Once it has sufficient content then we'll attach the piclopedia.org url to it so that searchers for piclopedia will go straight to it.

Thanks for getting involved, and thanks in advance for digging in!

Dan Wolf

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