Making low-tech inventions available to farmers in developing countries

How to translate into Universal Design Language (IKEA-style graphics)

This section contains a number of documents that explain different aspects of the translation process; please add more if you discover other good sources.

We eventually will write our own instructions, but in the meantime these will give you the idea. Feel free to interpret where the suggestions/advice don't tally with our task. And please share with others what you have learned about the process of translating designs into self-explanatory pictures. From your sharing we'll be able to write our own manual that is specific to our task.

Here are some links that discuss other aspects of the topic.

Techniques and examples for developing illustrated training manuals for non-literate people in developing countries (Principal 3 is attached below.)

Walking the Walk: Universal Design on the Web

Universal Design: Process, Principles, and Applications (Posted below already) http://www.washington.edu/doit/Brochures/Programs/ud.html

I should say that graphics don't have to be all drawings: Here is an example of how photos can serve the purpose perfectly well, and perhaps better, since photos are comprehended by most viewers whereas understanding a drawing requires a certain amount of training in the reading of them.
25 Amazing Everyday Do It Yourself Inventions

And here is an example of a video that gives information about the use and construction of a tool - in this case a pedal-powered washing machine. Of course, were this video made for our purposes it would be far more detailed, but still, it makes the point that a video can provide important construction and operation information also.
Remya Jose Innovation - Mini Washing Machine


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